Clean Asset Partners provides Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) aggregation and management services to enable clients to maximize their revenue from REC and SREC sales.  Our comprehensive services take care of all the paperwork and sales activities.  Our services are designed to help clients benefit from substantial financial incentives provided by state renewable energy portfolio standards, including the Massachusetts RPS solar carve-out and Class I REC markets. 

In Massachusetts our aggregation services include:

  • Registering Eligible Installations with DOER
  • Managing Generation Units and Aggregations in a NEPOOL GIS Account
  • Helping to Coordinate Required Data Reporting
  • Tracking Market Developments
  • Managing Sales Transactions
  • Monitoring Relevant State and Federal Laws and Policies

As an agent, we actively manage market participation for our clients, with compensation based on a share of proceeds from REC and SREC sales.  Our interests are well aligned with our clients’, as we mutually benefit by maximizing financial returns from certificate sales.



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